Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Stephen and I will be your guide through our journey of topics, thoughts, and any other thing that comes out of my mind.

First off, thank you for navigating to read this. I know you probably have a lot of things to do, so I will keep these brief but as fruitful as possible. What to read about you ask? Well, how we start at the beginning.

As a child, I grew up in Michigan and was exposed to the four seasons that mother nature had to offer. In the summers, I would run around with friends through sprinklers, jump in lakes and pools, and hopefully catch up to the ice cream man. The autumns brought the falling of leaves to the ground that were destined for  me and others to jump into the massive piles. The winters brought the white cold which enabled snowball fights, sledding, and skating. All of it coming to the rebirth of finer weather and rain in the spring.

Pretty typical, right? Well, throughout these seasons that consolidated into my early years of living, there was one constant that I held onto throughout that has become my greatest asset through my endeavors:


This unending resource has been my crutch throughout my life. It is the one thing that I never let go of, and would be damned to even surrender it now. In the summers I’d swim like I were in a water level in Super Mario. In the fall, I would imagine great monsters to fight off as the shortening of days brought the cold dark nights. The winters brought memories of fighting gigantic robot walkers in my air speeder, portrayed by my sled, a homemade lightsaber ever by my side. And the spring? I would pretend acid rain would fall and rush from shelter to shelter.

It was fun! The best part was the friends that enjoyed the pretending with me throughout the day, the sky being the limit to what could happen. I had so many friends because I would be the one shouting out ideas of the roles to play for everyone to take, the monsters to fight and the adventures we could all partake in without prejudice, welcoming all who had the desire for fun coming out of nothing.

But after awhile, the inevitable happened: we got older.

The worst part about this was that everyone around me began to stray away from the idea of playing. Middle school came; girls, being cool, and ‘hanging out’ took precedence, and I was left to being teased by those who said that I was “acting immature.”

I was left in the dust, and I felt alone. I would soon have to come to terms of getting older, and start doing more ‘mature things.’ I started playing sports, doing the hang out thing, “being cool,” and eventually became a slightly wild teenager. But one thing that I would not show was that I would still imagine on my own, and these colorful worlds that I created or adopted became my refuge, escaping just for a moment to be able to cope with the grayness of life.

I went to college, I worked, later on getting a real job, lived with roommates and significant others. As life went on, I kept noticing how so many just go through life working and schooling to near exhaustion. Never would any of them speak of the worlds that they would travel to in their own minds. There was no joining or sharing, and after awhile, I kind of began to feel sorry for them that this dragging on of life was all they really had. And some even preferred it, wanting to be “realists.”

These people weren’t boring, they were just…old. It wasn’t until my current job that I began to appreciate literature more. Some people out there think that books are “too slow” or “too boring.” I laugh at this, because I don’t really see them having lots of fun without a certain spirit taking hold of them.

Speaking of spirits…(pours a glass of sherry)

To be quite honest, I admire those who can go through life the way I described. They have a certain composure that I would not be able to replicate without my escapes. I still retain my imagination, and while I would use it for writing as a hobby, or making music back in the day, I now exercise it for you, dear reader, as I plan novels and short stories to share to the rest of the world.

So I ask this question to you all, dreamer, worker, and/or whatever; do you wish to journey on with me? If so, stay tuned as I offer ideas of story telling, fun participation, and cool stuff to share with!



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