Introduction Part Deux

Hi everyone!

So enough of my life story; it’s time I give this blog a purpose. One of the many challenges of writing one that matters is trying to come up with a theme. So I shall give you a one…or two…maybe three?

First, like all of us out there, I am a critic and will most likely go on (rant) about certain plot devices that have come in the form of stories, TV, movies and video games. A lot of folk out there tend to complain and talk about things that have already been established, making it seem less fresh for ears.

 I would really hate to become redundant for you guys, really. So I will attempt to speak on matters not yet touched yet.

Second, one of the many challenges in writing fantasy (which I have and plan to further write,) is to come up with something original that has not really been overexposed. Sure, everyone can’t get enough of something and always crave more, but if you plow a field too much on a subject, eventually the seed bed becomes less ideal for planting, and thus cannot bare its goods.

For example let’s take in vampires. The Twilight series really opened the flood gates for this archetype, redefining the very essence of what a vampire stood for. Gone are the days of Dracula’s terrorism, and here comes with the sexual relations between vampires and their food; mundane humans.

I don’t want to really rag on Twilight as it has been done so many times over (speaking of redundant,) but when was the last time you read about someone falling in love with cattle and screwing it? Don’t answer that, it was just a thought.

So hopefully, this blog can produce foresight on the untapped ideas that are still out there begging to be written about. Every month I plan on a “Feature Creature” and writing about the history, the power and etymology in culture for it. Examples of this are valkyries, minotaurs, basilisks; any and everything. I would estimate the number of creatures yet to be featured in modern writing would be 1000 to 1. That’s a lot of possibilities folks!

Third and finally, the self-publishing industry has been a great success in helping those get their work out there to the public. Not only do you retain the rights, but authors are practically in control. An unfortunate factor though, is that there are a majority of authors and writers out there (like myself) who do not have much experience in advertising. Some authors out there put out a book, and then do not understand why it is not selling, and then ask their followers on social networks why it is not doing so well. This can lead to shameless begging unfortunately.

Keyword: Exposure.

I want to help my fellow kindred spirits (*pours more sherry*) in the fantasy division. They have slaved for many days, months and years to create rich and sophisticated worlds that beckon a gander from the audience. I intend to help by introducing the following idea: Realm Wars.

I’ll expand further in the future on this, but the overall idea is to pit different fantasy realms that a (preferably published) writer has created and take on another realm using characters as generals implementing assets, weapons, magic, tactics, and then deciding on a battlefield between the two. The overall success is made on votes via this blog or upcoming Facebook page I intend to create for it.

Why would this work? Um, have you seen how passionate a nerd/geek can be about something? It’s pretty intense, and the overall idea will help bring much needed exposure to authors struggling on book sales.

After all, aren’t we all in this together?

Journey on!


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