I’ve been gone awhile, yes I know. I’ve been enjoying the summer, contemplating life changes, and dealing with some decisions that have cost me friendships. It sucks knowing that when you are just a wisecracking person people want to be around you, but when if you have something to say people tend to shun you. So, I’ve decided to base this post on Conflict.

As I write this, I’m listening to “Do you Hear the People Sing?” from the Les Misérables soundtrack. It’s always been a good theme to rally your energy to and what really inspired me to write this. Like those young revolutionaries back in old France, you need to take a stand in your life and disconnect that which really hurts you.

My last posting showed me the people who stood behind me and the ones who did not. At first it was hard to burn bridges, but I was aware that there are those around you who have different opinions and that is ok; how else do you create a story then? You need passions to collide, tempers to flare, and conflicts to determine the outcome of both extremists. It’s a process that progresses a storyline to the true heart of the theme.

The characters in my full-length novel are just that: conflicted. He likes her, but she hates him while another just wants to kill the both of them, yet they all need each other to survive in world where if they don’t resolve their conflict, then they all die.

Captain Kirk once had some great insight between him and his companion Mister Spock who had often conflicted with each other:

“You’re a great one for logic. I’m a great one for rushing in where angels fear to tread. We are both extremists. Reality has brought us somewhere in-between.”

And since 1966, these two have resolved so many conflicts on other worlds and saved lives. Yes it’s fiction, but fiction promotes an idea of what one can live up to be. It retains the notion of having something to live for and look forward to, and everyone needs that.

I may not be great one day, but it’s something to do. These may only be words, but that’s where ideas come from. So bring on the conflict, the objectionable views, and the constructive criticism and let’s journey on.


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