Creature Feature! – The Valkyrie

Today I just submitted my first short story to be published. It took me about two months to write and edit, and I can say I am really happy with the final product. I’m hoping for it to get published real soon, because in other big news, I just got engaged to my love. Big things are happening!

So to celebrate, I offer you my first of the monthly Creature Features that I promised for this blog. The reason why I pick this one is because my short story “The Deserter” has one in it.


The Valkyrie

A valkyrie is a supernatural creature associated with Nordic folklore. These beings were said to be the ones to choose who lives and who dies in battle and served the great Odin. They would also choose who was worthy enough to serve in the afterlife of Nordic heaven known as Valhalla.

Valkyries are usually female, displaying a human-like form with wings reminiscent of a shieldmaiden. Some other tales proclaim them to be mounted on flying horses as well.

Their powers include winged flight, the ability to inflict death upon whoever they please and sometimes invisibility. They are incredibly strong as well, hence why Odin chose many to be his own personal guard.

In my short story, Sanngriõr, a valkyrie depicted  as “very violent, and very cruel” plays the main antagonist. Not much else is known about her, which I thought would be an excellent chance to create a more rich story for her. Further details when they come, once my story is published.

Valkyries have been prominent in culture for a very long time now. Aside from folklore, the piece “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner can be recognized by almost everyone these days. Other depictions include Xena: Warrior Princess, Lost Girl, the film Valkyrie in which the figurative sense of the word is applied to a reserve unit of Nazi reserve army in case of national emergencies, and video games such as Castlevania.

Valkyries have showed up in very minor roles in other forms. However, never had they been in the spotlight, which makes them something untouched on as far as fantasy writing goes.

That’s your Creature Feature, so journey on!



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