The Guise of Fantasy and Sci-Fi

There is an abundance of folk out there that really adhere to real life. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but they hold tight to it so hard that they look down upon the imaginings of fiction. It can go to such extremes as to thinking written history itself is a farce. While one could argue for days on end what exactly is true to and what is not; to me it is just waste of time.

When I was growing up, people often mocked me for liking Star Trek. People looked down so hard on me for liking something so fake, so utterly ridiculous and just was “not real.” I really wonder how these people fair now…hopefully well, as I wish no ill will.

So why hate fantasy or science fiction? Bottom line, it’s fake. So how do you create something that is fake yet inspires millions upon millions of people and make bank on it? The answer is quite simple: you incorporate real life instances in it but disguise it as someone else.

This is where I love the creative mind. There really is no end to it.

For example, X-Men deals with people who have supernatural powers – mutants – and ordinary people look down upon them. Such acts of prejudice go so far of segregation, slavery, and to the extremes of extermination. Such is the way of our own human history here on this very planet. Social values are put to the test, and while it is a minor point in X-Men, it could not have been helped but be inspired by real life events.

Just recent, NASA tested a new space engine that was deemed “impossible to work.” But it did, and now NASA scientists are stumped. While this technology may seem like a puzzle, one can not speculate on how or where they got the idea to produce such a powerful engine that could make space travel more feasible in our lifetimes now: Star Trek.

Other examples from Star Trek: cell phones originally coming from Captain Kirk’s communicator, transparent metal, and you know those things that produce food and other items using energy and making them appear out of thin air? 3D printers!

Real life inspiring fiction, fiction inspiring real life.

Captain Kirk once talked about something being “just words” once, but his son retorted “but good words. That’s where ideas come from.”

So don’t limit yourself. You’re just doing yourself, and possibly all of humanity a disservice. Journey on to your heart’s desire!


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