Blog Theme Change – Feed the Monkey

Introducing my new theme: Feed the Monkey!

What does it mean exactly? Well, I actually get the saying from my eldest sister so I pretty much have to pay homage to her. Whenever she would go out for a smoke she would always say “I have to go feed my monkey.” That always made me laugh.

But this is slang for “feeding one’s desire.” I found it appropriate because people will ask about what it really means, grabbing the attention of other blog readers. I’ll still have the Creature Features, Author Spotlights, and my usual blurbs every week.

But to me, this change was important because 1) My desires for writing both stories and music are quenching my inner desires, 2) I love my family so they are indirectly represented and 3) my muse are my thoughts and they nag at me like a monkey needing to be fed.

So keep that inner desire satiated, because otherwise your soul will starve itself to death.


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