A Tribute to the Real Fans of Star Wars

I was so excited to hear about the new Star Wars trilogy being made with the original actors coming back. I thought it would never happen, and to see it with Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher all joining the ranks was a dream come true. And I was so excited to see that Disney, who purchased Marvel and has done an excellent job making Avengers and X-Men come alive in a great way, was going to make it happen better could do George Lucas did with the prequels.

Then, they announced that all expanded universe material was no longer canon.

 WHAT!? WHY!!??

 All right, so expanded universe stuff doesn’t really fit into the big scheme of things when it at least comes to Star Trek. I mean there are so many novels and comics and video games released and none of them fits into the official timeline of that franchise. This is where Star Wars actually did it right.

 Since the original airing of the first trilogy, there have been numerous writers and storytellers filling in the gaps where Luke Skywalker and his followers left off and continued to fight the forces of evil in the universe. The amount of synergy used to create such a comprehensive universe was gargantuan, and said writers actually had to cross-reference with other material in order not to create major consistency errors. These “super fans” as I like to call them, have actually taken more stock in the franchise than the original creator George Lucas, and they did a helluva a job than that old coot could do nowadays.

 But what did Disney do as soon as they got their grips on the franchise? Oh, same thing they had done with every fairy tale and they destroyed it by making the entire expanded universe un-canonified.

 Order 66 is executed again, and Disney has become the Death Star.

 We should have known. Disney, the same people responsible for making fairy tales cute and cuddly from ugly and scary have destroyed the hard working writers and developers ambitions of the last 35 plus years most excellent work. This is a slap in the face to those people, as well as just downright laziness.

 Even with the Internet today, which can bring up summaries, Star Wars based Wikipedia (called Wookiepedia) and numerous other references, the producers just decided to wipe it all clean. Some nerve, right? I mean, if I wrote a Star Wars novel, who George Lucas then gave me his blessing on like he did with all of them, and then some big time company decided to just perform a massive metaphorical book burning of it, I guess I would have the right to be upset, wouldn’t I?

 I can’t believe there aren’t more people talking about this. These hard workers are now the little guys being stomped on, and now have their work threatened to be lost in time as Disney’s looming shadow enshrouds it all. It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

 These writers now face invalidation of their own work which has been the boon for the entire franchise, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. I’m sure the new films will be great anyways, but after their airing no one really will care about the books about the ExU afterwards. Shame.



For further reading, check out this article about the destruction of the Expanded Universe. Be careful you don’t hyperspace into an asteroid field while doing so.



6 thoughts on “A Tribute to the Real Fans of Star Wars

  1. YES. I wrote about the emotional repurchased ions of this. I grew up with the Expanded Universe being my only link to Star Wars as a kid and I became obsessed with that universe- it hurts to have it all destroyed so easily… Thanks for the read!

  2. Great post, buddy. I have a problem with Disney that has nothing to do with Star Wars and has everything to do with how it is one of the three or four corporations that controls the entire media, which is terrifying. That makes it the Death Star, and Disney was a Death Star before it acquired Star Wars IMHO.

    To be fair, the expanded universe has always been relegated to a position of “secondary canon.” The only real canon has been the movies, and there is a strong case for Shadows of the Empire. I would include the Clone Wars movie, the two Clone Wars series, and the current (not-so-current, because Dark Horse is done doing Star Wars) comic title Star Wars (with no subtitles), and probably the Knights of the Old Republic games, but those are mostly because, as I’ve said before, they “stink of canon.” Lucas always had the right to throw away any and all of the expanded universe stories if his vision was challenged by it, which ultimately means that they were never really canon when you think of it. To me, it is the same situation as before: it remains canon in my heart until I see a truly canonical Star Wars that contradicts it.

    Ultimately, don’t we decide what is canon for us? Nobody can erase the stories that we love. A movie does not unwrite the book that it is based on, and just because Disney’s Star Wars does not recognize Star Wars: Sith Lords – New Return // Hunters — Too Many Subtitles (a true Expanded Universe geek knows exactly what I’m talking about with this joke), doesn’t mean that it isn’t real insofar as stories are real to you and present real characters and teach you real things.

    • Yes, we do decide. However, the expanded universe has always been considered the gospel in Star Wars. I just think that Disney could have attempted to use it and respect it just a bit before endeavoring to wash it all away.

      It’s like two countries at war with each; the victor then decides to re-write history in their favor, and does not uphold what is “true.”

      And the fact that you still hold it to be true is no doubt awesome, however Star Wars has stood the test of time thus far. When you and I are gone, and our descendants delve into it, what should they hold true then?

      Bah, such is life, I guess.

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