The Day the Laughter Died

August 11th, 2014

A date…it should have remained to be just a date on the calender, but it will never be remembered as such. It is a day when an icon died, taken by his gruelings, brooding and introspection that caused him to take the one precious gift that all of us that have been bestowed and now take for granted.

Robin Williams – this man, this shining beacon who could illuminate the darkest of days was a gift to humanity itself, spreading cheer, joy, laughter in the most divine way. It was HIS gift, and now he took it away.

Where do we go now? Where do we go in the midst of all the chaos that is racism, civil rights, censorship, resentment, all negative things that have now filled the media in chaos?

How do we laugh again? Dare we do it, to only be reminded of the great comic that gave us the means to do so, only be turning the corner to a dead end of sorrow and darkness where a shadow haunts us.

A man who told us it was a good morning in Vietnam, to always play with toys, to always think happy thoughts that enabled us to fly to the outer most peripheries of our own dreams where there were no limits…who is to be our captain now?

How do we laugh again?


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