The Deserter Half-Way Mark

The Deserter episode IV is up. Check it out!

The Story Thus Far

After witness an unjust march to war, Owin has deserted his fellow crusaders in hopes to get home to his wife. After eluding many men pursuing him, it was one last skirmish that led him to a deserted chapel to where an abbot now tasks him with slaying a mythical creature—a valkyrie.

The abbot, Pyr, tells Owin that this is his one way home. Skeptical at first, Owin stays with the abbot as he is provided with plenty of nourishment, time to hone his sword skills, and is given a mysterious silver bracelet that is said to give him the strength to slay the valkyrie. Will Owin believe him and slay this creature of myth to get home safe and sound?


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