Following up on The Deserter

So after nine episodes of my short story being published on here, I thought I would talk about it a bit. If you were fortunate enough to read, then I welcome any feedback you may have.

I wrote this short story because I have a keen interest in the Crusades as well as fantasy. I wanted to create a magic system involving wings where one would hunt down a creature with them being it a valkyrie, dragon or whatever. Each type of wing would have different powers, like a dragon would have the power of fire. This was something to experiment with and so I went with it.

As far as Owin though, I created him with a very simple motive—to go home. The Crusades were hard on everyone, and I figured the idea of desertion would make a good story. No one likes a coward, and wars certainly have them. His motives to get home to Margery would of course have vast consequences after dealing with the mad abbot named Pyr.

Speaking of Pyr, this character is actually based off an abbot with the same name. Pyr, or Saint Pyr was a Welsh abbot who lived in the 6th century. He was known to be unsuitable as an abbot, and one night he got so drunk that he fell down a well and died shortly after being pulled out. Well, that doesn’t really make a good story, so I modified it a bit for him as he encounters Owin almost five centuries later.

And let us not forget our antagonist Sanngriõr. She is based on a real mythical valkyrie with the same name who doesn’t have that much of a background. Only the name came up, so I decided she would be perfect as to not mess with other Viking canon.

In the end though, the story is all about the consequences of one’s action. We reap what we sow, and no deed—good or bad—never goes unpunished.

For future stories, I am currently writing two fantasy books. I want to get these published next, and I am determined to do so. But to follow up on The Deserter, the next story will deal with a woman as she tries to survive the harsh times of prostitution in a medieval English village. Her luck may or may not change though when she meets a certain abbot known for his strange motives.


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