What to blog about…

I haven’t submitted a blog in awhile due to life being extremely busy. Between work, reading, planning a wedding, family, camping, birthdays and holidays, it’s hard just to sit down and compose my thoughts on a subject and share it with the rest of the world.

However, that doesn’t mean I have nothing to write about!

During the day, I usually put down an idea in draft form on this page. I recently went back to see how many drafts I have and the count right now is 53–all those subjects just waiting to be blogged about…the problem with most of them is that they have a lasting relevance to them, and some might not even relate to today’s events.

Another issue is offending people in the wrong sense. Feminism is one subject, and being a middle-class white man makes it hard to delve into such topics. People might think I am not for equal rights when in fact the contrary is correct. The thing is, I have always thought of women as being equal to men. The very thought of it not being true among the recent movement, well, I believe it to be a foot in the wrong direction.

And then there’s marriage equality, the confederate flag…why do I always have to talk about controversial things in these drafts? Why not something funny? Why not something cool? Why not something that everyone can enjoy like reading books?

The problem with talking about novels is that I work in the industry, and talking about other people’s work may either be offensive or professional suicide (jobwise.) Another issue with discussing entertainment is the subjective idea of taste. You can’t argue taste. Some people like non-fiction while others science fiction. There’s just no convincing others to like chocolate cake when in fact they hate cake altogether.

Anyways, enough of my lament. The fact of the matter is I NEED TO GET MY BUTT BACK IN THE SADDLE OF BLOGGING!



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