Five ways Kit Harrington will return as Jon Snow

Valar morghulis!

Yes, all men must die in the Game of Thrones universe, and this includes everyone’s favorite Night’s Watch Man Jon Snow. I was a bit disappointed the way he was betrayed in the end, and was unimpressed how it was pulled off. Yet, I could hear, see and feel everyone’s cry for their beloved character’s fall, and everyone believes that he will return.

People are now watching what Kit Harrington does these days after portraying Jon Snow’s death. He is being watched like a hawk, and so many out there are conjuring up that Jonny Boy isn’t really dead. He was last seen in Belfast which appears to to be a Game of Thrones set, so everyone knew for sure he would be back. However, one of the show’s production staff has been quoted that he is indeed dead.

But I still wondered–just how the hell would this be guy coming back from being stabbed multiple times?

Well, to be honest I believe that there is hope that Kit Harrington will return as Jon Snow. Allow me to show you five ways in how he does:


1) – A shadow Conjured by Melisandre,

Remember the shadow that the Red Witch gave birth to back in season two? Apparently, that wasn’t the only one she made. In the books, Melisandre was able to to make one with Mance Rayder’s appearance and cast onto someone else, thus forming a lookalike to take Mance’s place when he was burned at the stake by Stannis. Could she have done so with Jon?

Writer’s logic would point to no. There was no mention of an imposter Mance in this season taking taking his place, and to use it in the next season after Jon’s death would just be weak writing due to the lack of foreshadowing.

Probability of Jon Snow living: Unlikely


2) Resurrection

In the third season, we were introduced to a scarred up Beric Dondarrion and his best friend Thoros of Myr who had resurrected Beric over and over again using a prayer to the Lord of Light. Since Melisandre preaches the word of the fire god, she may have the power to re-animate Jon’s corpse somehow. But we have not seen her do this as she was surprised to see Beric’s resurrection, showing hints that she somewhat had doubts of her own beliefs (a notion made certain with her “magic” in season four.)

This one seems to be the most logical since we saw Melisandre come back to the wall, but then again, where is the Brotherhood without Banners post season three?

Probability of Jon Snow living: Plausible


3) Flashbacks

If there is one overused piece of writing in television, it’s flashbacks. However, in Game of Thrones we haven’t had any of the sort. Could the producers lower themselves to such a thing and thus rehire Kit Harrington to once again play Jon Snow in a scene that happened before his death?

Perhaps, but this would mean that the boy is still dead.

Probability of Jon Snow living: None. Still dead.


4) Bran’s Visions

It has been confirmed that Bran Stark will return next season after taking a hiatus. In the books, Bran gains the ability to “see” images either happening now, in the future or even the past via the Three-eyed Raven. This idea piggybacks on the flashback idea, however the bonus with this is if we get to see Jon again with these visions, then perhaps we could see dear ol’ Ned again, and perhaps even more.

Perhaps, even Jon Snow’s real parents!

Probability of Jon Snow living: Again, still dead, unless we get a glimpse into the future. But how is he alive then?


5) He Becomes a Wight

This is going to be the most unpopular idea on here. We’ve seen the Night’s King resurrect an entire army of fallen Wildlings in the last season. Could he resurrect Jon Snow?

If he did, then Jon would then be fighting for the White Walkers as a zombie, and seven hells know no one would like that! However, it would give so much more meaning to the stare off between Jon and the head White Walker during that pivotal battle scene that truly made us believe winter is actually coming!

Probability of Jon Snow living: Mostly dead…?

So, there we have it. Five ideas coming from my strange little mind. If none of these happen with Jon Snow and he is gone forever, then something tells me that some angry fan is going to challenge George R.R. Martin to a trial by combat.


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