Smug Writers and Internet Trolls

Let’s all take a moment to praise the digital age; a time when anyone who is anyone can be someone important and become famous for practically anything they come up with. It is a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

All right, yeah there is some irony to that statement however, I do my damnedest to remain humble. But there is one thing that is absolutely itching at me these days–it’s the idea that a writer absolutely believes they are the shit because they have written a book and published it without going through a publisher, and then lamenting other people for writing in the genres they do.


As I write this I cannot NOT be introspective. Yeah, I am not published, but there is a certain stereotype brewing that is both troll and smug. This person shows up on numerous social media forums lamenting certain romance genres, cliches, cover art, and just about anything else that they believe is “not cool” or “played out” despite their “massive” success in the book industry. I consider these folk to be a long time nemesis of mine: AKA bullies.

I feel bad for Stephanie Meyer, author of the Twilight series. Yeah, she went and wrote a whole book series about romancing vampires for the tween market. I may not follow her work closely or be a fan of it, but some of these jerks that are out there go out of their way to bully her and say some nasty things.

If you don’t like, then don’t read it. New golden rule.

But unfortunately, people don’t seem to have the respect and tact that most ladies and gentlemen of the Victorian age possess and “disagree respectfully.” No, people actually find it FASHIONABLE to say nasty things to Stephanie Meyer for her writings. What does that say about about our society as a whole? We’ve become a society of rabid feral wolves who bite at a chance to be “heard.” That’s the power of reviews baby!

It makes me wonder then: why the hell would anyone want to publish their work to be met with this kind of acrimony?

After that fact, why do so many people have this itch to berate something they are clearly unfamiliar with, or needing to point out the flaws in an extreme vehement way? Well, I feel like it can be boiled down to just one simple action: jealousy. We have become a jealous society; no one really cares about another’s success unless it can be directly attributed to their own life somehow. The irony of all this? I blame authors.

How many times are writers preached to “put a reader in their position?” How many times does relation to a character or plot need directly affect one’s own perception? Do we really need to put a person in the character’s place? What ever happened to storytelling in general?

Have we not grown curious outside our own familiarity anymore? Are people only interested in what they know and grew up with? Have we become so closed minded?

Not this guy. I vow not to rag on any writer’s work and only provide constructive critique.


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