Humanity by Stephen A. Jacobi

When the world has come and gone, who

is going to ask why?

When your home has burned to ash,

are you going to ask how?


When someone points guns at others

are you going to ask, “Why would you do that?”

When you are wronged and want payback,

are you going to even ask if you should?


Good deeds are well hidden by

those posing good intentions.

Villains can be fabricated

by the ones who want crusade.


Is humanity measured by the individual

or is it by the whole community?

Does one judge when another is inhumane,

or has God already done that?


We use labels on all to

pick out our fights yet,

In the end, we

are all human. What’s the point though?


Is it so much harder to offer

compassion, charity, help

to those when they need it, than

it is to fight amongst us all?


Have we become so self-destructive?

Have we become so selfish?

Have we lost ourselves?

Have we lost the dream?


To dream is to hope, but

what is hope with hate?

to hope for someone to die is

to hope for freedom to end.


Is there someone who hopes

for an end? To bring about the darkness,

To destroy everything just because

they are a cynic and perhaps too sluggish to try?


To be a cynic means

to lose all hope.

To lose all hope, means

to lose the future–to lose all dreams.


If we lose the dream,

then we cannot shape the future.

If we have lost the battle with ourselves,

then we have lost the right to a future.


If we lose our collectiveness,

we have lost all of our humanity.

For one can’t be judged

without another.


In the end, hope is humanity,

and that humanity can restore the dream–the future.


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