Fiction is now reality

Over the course of the Election, I kept running across my social media newsfeeds of all these horrible stories about Trump. I was inclined to believe them, especially all the things that came from Trump’s own mouth. Another set of articles was the fact that Trump had no chance in hell of actually being elected POTUS.

Boy, were those stories wrong.

But the thing is, that it is just exactly what they are: stories. Never did I think to fact check them, nor did I care to. I have noticed just how fictional journalism has become and how it is now designed to not report facts, but circle jerk likewise opinionated folk. And the worst byproduct that came from it was lack of pragmatism–too much I see the selling of opinions, and never the selling of solutions.

Bitches gonna bitch.

But no one wants to listen to different sides of the matter. No one wants to actually sit down and discuss the moralities, the difference in philosophies, or God forbid, peaceful solutions. People are too hung up in their ways in believing that everyone’s creed must be the exact same, and that the agenda must also be the same.

It is possible to believe differently and unify together to fulfill a pragmatic and harmonious agenda. Everyone is different. Life would be too boring otherwise.

So the next time you see that news article that your friend has posted on Facebook, think about who exactly is writing it, what they believe, and the difference between “fact” and “opinion.”


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